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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-oriented treatment for trauma. It incorporates mindfulness with simple interventions for tracking, naming and safely expoloring trauma-related somatic activation, The treatment helps create new capacities as well as restore a somatic sense of self. Developed by Pat Ogden, PhD who is one of the pioneers in somatic psychotherapy since the late 1970's .

My work with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy has deepened the way I practice and help my clients become increasingly aware of their bodies. Often emotion is physiological and learning to deal with impulses, over activation or under activation in the autonomic nervous system can be thefirst step to healing. Processing how beliefs can effect physiological structure and how we view the world can be processed through the body by utilizing Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques.

Relationship issues are often rooted in the way we learned to attach to our primary caretakers. We re-enact those patterns throughout our life until we consciously address them either individually or with a partner. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy also addresses working through early life missing experiences as well as learn to gain meaning through the body.