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Philosophy & Approach

I believe that each of us is unique tapestry of experience. We possess an essence that is natural and pure. While life circumstances can move us away from our natural state of being, our system inherently seeks balance.

When we quiet ourselves, we can we allow the invisible (unconscious) aspects of ourselves to become visible (consciousness). When we are conscious, we can make lasting changes. My job is to help clarify what is interrupting the natural process of healing, to provide a holding space to go deeper into one's natural ability to heal, to help gain understanding to the cause of pain and to support healing.

My hope is to avail myself as a guide to help you traverse the conditions in your life. I have been in the field of social work for over 30 years. Since my master's degree, I have continued my studies and learning skills to balance the mind, body and spirit. I began with an ego state type therapy, which incorporated expressive arts to evoke the unconscious called Psychosynthesis. I then incorporated EMDRSensorimotor Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems.

All these skills do not compare to the innocent childlike curiosity I had as a little girl. I loved to hear the life stories of relatives and friends.  Even as a child, while listening to those stories, I tried to see who the storytellers really were as individuals, and sought to understand what motivated their behavior. To this day, this curiosity about human behavior and natural healing strategies gives me energy in working with each individual.