EMDR changes lives. I have witnessed miraculous changes in the way people cultivate themselves by utilizing EMDR as a tool to produce sometimes subtle, yet powerful growth and change.

EMDR has been contraversal but remains to be one of the most researched models for healing trauma. Having been trained in EMDR since 1996, I have the skill and confindence to utilize this healing method. I am a faciiitator with the EMDR Institute and have provided consultation to other therapist since 1999. I was a past board member of our professional organiation, EMDRIA and have presented at the EMDR annual conference. Most recently, my friend Linda Cooke, LCSW and I co-authored a chapter in Robin Shapiro, LCSW new book "EMDR Solutions".

Although I have been part of the wonderful EMDR community, I continue to be inspired and humbled by facilitating a person's inate ability to heal themselves from trauma.