I earned my Bachelor's in Social Work in 1982 from Bridgewater State College and my Master's in Social Work in 1988 from Boston College. I have worked in various settings and populations including: community mental health, group practices and private practice.

In 1990, I began advanced training in Psychosynthesis, a psycho-spiritual psychotherapy model. As I evolved professionally, I began to work more closely with survivors of all types trauma. In 1996, I trained in EMDR, which changed the way I practiced and thought. I began to integrate the role of psychonuerobiology in the way we think, feel and behave. In 1999, I became a facilitaor with the EMDR Institute and became an EMDRIA Approved Consultant to other therapist trained in EMDR. From 2002-2005, I also served as a board of director member for the EMDR International Association, our EMDR professional organization..

From 2000 to 2017, I have been the local EMDRIA Regional Network coordinator. With the help of colleagues, we developed a local network of EMDR trained therapists from Maine and New Hampshire. Our mission is to help therapists to continue their EMDR education, acquire new skills and to support their EMDR practice, We also have a website with a directory of EMDR trained therapists.

In 2001, I deepened my knowledge of healing trauma by learning to work within the body through Semsorimotor Psychotherapy training. I have been a trainer for the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute 2005 - 2010. I a currently a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Approved Consultant. 

In addition to my clincial and teaching practice, I have led personal growth workshops. For 14 years, I co-led a women's spirtiual retreats with my  friend, Gretchen Horst, LCSW in Virginia. 

In 2017, "REPLENISH" Day Retreats were started. Each day retreat teaches transformational practices to move one's vital life force and to learn to align with each passing season, mind, body and spirit. For more information, please see "workshops and trainings section".